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Have a glance at our latest precision cut gemstone projects. we have individualized faceting for each gem. we take great pride in every stone, insuring that the correct angles for the gem material used to get the brilliance that they deserve. Each facet is carefully designed and polished to the perfection. There are no windows, lopsided symmetry or other typical flaws in these precision cut gem stones.we cordially invite you to go through our web page.Thank you for your kind cooperation with us.

Asanga Gunathilaka
Inside Of The Project

Another sunny day I visited down south of the country, hunting some semi-precious stones and walk around few places looking more but couldn't found any materials up to my standard. Later in the evening I was lucky to come across a large Garnet parcel brought from Madagascar. That was nearly 1kg in weight with variety of different colour shades and sizes. I was glad knowing that I can design several stones between 1.5cts to 4ct out of the large one I hunted.

This is one of the gorgeous stones came out of that parcel. I guess you love it. Well matched for a pendent or a ring. It has marvelous fire and brilliance. Yet more to come in future. We are available and glad to invite you for custom orders.

Stone Specification
Inside Of The Project

I got a new custom order. You can see the final product above. This was extremely hard to do. But it never stop me the challenge I got and I kept running around and find materials to satisfy the reqirement.Then I realize rough form wouldn’t do this. Only one option left. Buying cut and polish material and do the recutting otherwise I couldn’t match the colour what customer asks.

The best place to buy cut and polished stones in Sri Lanka is the southern part of the country. I went there & looked variety of stones. Then & there, I went through a big parcel and picked up four stones and bought. Then all the four stones are re cut to get exact color match. So this stone is one of that series of the stones.

Stone Specification

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We do understand how important it is to share the knowledge with our consumers. As a company we believe educating our clients on precision cutting industry. We believe this blog posts will give you enormous knowledge of precision gem cutting for the beginners, students and our valuable clients. Let us give you a unique shopping experience with knowledge!!!

This time I would like to discuss separate heading. Because of last articles feedback. First, I would like to thank all my friends for the appreciation.Many


Most of the (beginners) having difficulty to understand gem cutting diagrams.This article I would like to give some tips how to read gem cutting diagram


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