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As I said gem cutting is an art. Unfortunately much of gem source countries wasn’t understand this fact Most of the source countries deciding factor of their gem stone pricing is the weight. “weight of the gem stone“.But the real truth is “Beauty of the gem stone”.As a result source countries unable to capture real market price for their products.

The subject of faceting and related lapidary arts is a huge one. This will be guided information for a beginner who is willing to enter in to the faceting world.I would like to go through basic tools which commonly used in faceting industry. Also I like to give some clues where the best tools you can find for your special requirements.

Purchasing a faceting machine is a big decision and many people find the process very confusing. It is a sizable investment and you want to spend your money wisely.  Below are a few things to consider when choosing a faceting machine:

Recommended Equipment’s for gem cutting

Before start gem cutting you will need to buy some equipment’s. Following equipment’s generally used in gem cutting industry, so sooner or later you will end up buying most of the things. Here I will mark the ones you really need.


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