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How to Choose a Faceting Diagram Gem Cutting Process Step – 02

Most of the (beginners) having difficulty to understand gem cutting diagrams.This article I would like to give some tips how to read gem cutting diagram and how to select cutting diagrams according to the roughs view of  reducing wastage of the final finish stone.

Good old days gem cutting not seem to have a fashion such like today those days gem cutting was a simple.Gem cutter mainly concentrate take the reflection out of the stone.But today it’s became a certain level which is more fashionable than ever.

If you think to succeed as a gem cutter in faceting industry  need to adopt new trends and always have a view to find something out of the box.Today in the market have plenty gem designs But  As a  beginner, need to learn how to read and how to choose diagram minimize the wastage of the stones.


Hears Few tips to understand gem cutting diagram blog gem cutting process step 02 02

So Once you get the rough stone after sorting the  most important thing is the measurement of the rough.Once you measure the width/height/depth you can find a diagram according to your stone measurements.

Hears  some tips to reduce wastage

01) Find a diagram close to L/W eg: If your rough is 10mm x 8mm you need to find L/W =1.25 diagram 

02) Standard height close to be width of the stone. eg: If your rough stone 10mm x 8mm  height need to be at least 8mm height (before free form the stone). 

As a beginner now a days have plenty of online resources to find gem cutting diagrams.However you need to make sure whether those diagrams already tested or not.I found plenty of free online diagrams  but useless when I do cutting.By the way I found  some useful faceting resources too.These are some of those web links you can have it for free faceting diagrams.


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