Here's our latest precision cut gemstone projects. I personally select each piece of rough, and cut each gem. Have a grate feeling between these fine precision custom cut gemstones and commercial cut stones. I take great pride in every stone, insuring that the correct angles for the gem material are used to bring out the maximum brilliance. Each facet is carefully cut and polished to exacting meet points. You will not see windows, lopsided symmetry or other flaws typical in these precision cut gem stone.I cordially invite you to go through our web page.Thank you for your kind cooperation with us.

Asanga Gunathilaka

Almandine Garnet

Sri Lanka produces some of the most beautiful red and pinkish garnets in the world. Here is a very nice example in a reddish-pink. This one was cut in a standard round brilliant, one of the most popular and exclusive designs. Color is most accurate in the hand shot. The color of this one can be lightened further at no charge if the owner so desires.

Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet Whare I purchased finish cut stone with the view point of re cuting. Actual stone 1mm out of the round and badly shaped badly cut. Initially it was 3.10cts in weight once re cutting done it became 1.90 cts rather I loose 1.20ct weigh.But I gained end of the project more value in colour and the luster.The origine of the stone Madagaskar.  

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